The Union Forces Engaged At Fort Fisher N.C.

The Union Army Major General Alfred H. Terry
Second Division Brig. General Adelbert Ames First Brigade Colonel N. Martin Curtis 3rd N.Y. Captain James H. Reeve Lieut. Edwin A. Behan 112th N.Y. Colonel John F. Smith 117th N.Y. Lieut. Colonel Francis X. Meyer 142d N.Y. Lieut. Colonel Albert M. Barney Second Brigade Colonel Galusha Pennypacker Major Oliver P. Harding 47th N.Y. Captain Joseph M. McDonald 48th N.Y. Lieut. Colonel William B. Coan Major Nere A. Elfwing 76th Pa. Colonel John S. Littell Major Charles Knerr 97th Pa. Lieut. John Wainwright 203rd Pa. Colonel John W. Moore Lieut. Colonel James W. Lyman Major Oliver P. Harding Captain Heber B. Essington Third Brigade Colonel Louis Bell Colonel Alonzo Alden 13th Ind. Lieut. Colonel Samuel M. Zent 4th N.H. Captain John H. Roberts 115th N.Y. Lieut. Colonel Nathan J. Johnson 169th N.Y. Colonel Alonzo Alden Lieut. Colonel James A. Colvin Second Brigade(1) Colonel Joseph C. Abbott 6th Conn. Colonel Alfred P.Rockwell 7th Conn. Captain John Thompson Captain William S. Marble 3d N.H. Captain William H. Trickey 7th N.H. Lieut. Colonel Augustus W. Rollins 16th N.Y. Heavy Artillery (detachment) Major Frederick W. Prince Third Division(colored troops) Brig. General Charles J. Paine. Second Brigade Colonel John W. Ames 4th U.S. Lieut. Colonel George Rogers 6th U.S. Major A.S. Boernstein 30th U.S. Lieut. Colonel H.A. Oakman 39th U.S. Colonel O.P. Stearns Third Brigade Colonel Elias Wright 1st U.S. Lieut. Colonel Giles H. Rich 5th U.S. Major William R. Brazie 10th U.S. Lieut. Colonel Edward H. Powell 27th U.S. Colonel A.M. Blackman 37th U.S. Colonel Nathan Goff Jr. Artillery B G and L 1st Conn. Heavy Captain William G. Pride 16th N.Y. Battery Captain Richard H. Lee E 3rd U.S. Lieut. John R. Myrick Engineers A and I 15th N.Y. Lieut. K.S.O'Keefe The effective strength of the force above enumerated was nearly 8000. The loss aggregated 184 killed 749 wounded and 22 missing = 955. By the explosion of a magazine the day after the capture there were 25 killed, 66 wounded and 13 missing. Naval Force At Fort Fisher Dec. 23-26 1864 And Jan. 13-16 1865. North Atlantic Squadroon Rear Admiral David D. Porter, Commanding Fleet Captain Lieut Commander K.R. Breese Signal Officer Lieut. M.W. Sanders Aide Lieutenant S.W. Terry Aide Lieut. S.W. Preston (k) Fisrt Division Commodore Henry K. Thatcher Second Division Commodore Joseph Lanman Third Division Commodore James Findlay Schenck Fourth Division Commodore S.W. Godon Iron-Clad Division Commodore William Radford Malvern(flagship) Lieut. William B. Cushing (1st attack) Lieut. B.H. Porter (k) (2d attack) Iron-Clads Canonicus Lieut. Commander George E. Belknap Mahopac Lieut. Commander E.E. Potter (1st attack) Lieut. Commander A.W. Weaver (2d attack) Monadnock Commander E.G. Parrott New Ironsides Commodore William Radford Saugus Commander E.R. Colhoun Screw Frigates Colorado Commodore H.K. Thatcher Minnesota Commodore Joseph Lanman Wabash Captain M. Smith Side Wheel Steamers (1st class) Powhatan Commodore J.F. Schenck Susquehanna Commodore S.W. Godon Screw Sloops Brooklyn Captain James Alden Juniata Captain W.R. Taylor (1st attack) Lieut. Commander T.S. Phelps (2d attack) Mohican Commander D. Ammen Shenandoah Captain D.B. Ridgely Ticonderoga Captain C.Steedman Tuscarora Commander J.M. Frailey Screw Gun Vessels Kansas Lieut. Commander P.G. Watmough Maumee Lieut. Commander R. Chandler Nyack Lieut. Commander L.H. Newman Pequot Lieut. Commander D.L. Braine Yantic Lieut. Commander T.C. Harris Screw Gun Boats Chippewa Lieut. Commander A.W. Weaver (1st attack) Lieut. Commander E.E. Potter (2d attack) Huron Lieut. Commander T.O. Selfridge Seneca Lieut. Commander M.Sicard Unadilla Lieut. Commander F.M. Ramsay Double Enders Iosco Commander John Guest Mackinaw Commander J.C.Beaumont Maratanza Lieut. Commander G.W. Young Osceola Commander J.M.B. Clitz Pawtuxet Commander J.H. Spotts Pontoosuc Lieut. Commander Wm. G. Temple Sassacus Lieut. Commander J.L. Davis Tacony Lieut. Commander W.T. Truxtun MISCELLANEOUS VESSELS. Fort Jackson Captain B.F. Sands Monticello Acting V. Lieut. D.A. Campbell (1st attack) Lieut. W.B. Cushing (2nd attack) Nereus Commander J.C. Howell Quaker City Commander W.F. Spicer Rhode Island Commander S.D. Trenchard Santiago de Cuba Captain O.S. Glisson Vanderbilt Captain C.W. Pickering Powder Vessel Louisiana Commander A.C. Rhind (1st attack blown up) Reserve A.D. Vance Lieut. Commander J.H. Upshur Alabama Acting V. Lieut. Frank Smith (1st attack) Acting V. Lieut. A.R. Langthorne (2nd attack) Britannia Acting V. Lieut. Samuel Huse (1st attack) Acting V. Lieut. W.A. Sheldon (2nd attack) Cherokee Acting V. Lieut. W.E. Denison. Emma Acting V. Lieut. T.C. Dunn (1st attack) Acting V. Lieut. J.M. Williams (2nd attack) Gettysburg Lieut. Commander R.H. Lamson (w) Governor Buckingham Acting V. Lieut. J. McDiarmid Howquah Acting V. Lieut. J.W. Balch Keystone State Commander H. Rolando Lilian Acting V. Lieut. T.A. Harris Little Ada Acting Master S.P. Crafts Moccasin Acting Ensign James Brown Nansemond Acting Master J.H. Porter Tristram Shandy Acting Ensign Ben Wood (1st attack) Acting V. Lieut. F.M. Green (2nd attack) Wilderness Acting Master H. Arey At the second attack the fleet was composed of the same vessels with the exception of the Nyack, Keystone State, and Quaker City. The following additions were also made to the fleet: Montgomery Acting V. Lieut. T.C. Dunn R.R. Cuyler Commander C.H.B. Caldwell Aries Act V. Lieut. F.S. Wells Eolus Acting Master E.S. Keyser Fort Donelson Acting Master G.W. Frost Republic Acting Ensign J.W. Bennett. Armament Of The Fleet In the first attack the armament of the fleet was: Qty Type 10 15-inch S.B. 27 11-inch S.B. 1 10-inch S.B. 255 9-inch S.B. 30 8-inch S.B. 31 32-pounders S.B. 10 150-pounders R. 37 100-pounders R. 5 60-pounders R. 1 50-pounder R. 43 30-pounders R. 28 20-pounders R. total guns: 478 Howitzers 68 24-pounders 73 12-pounders total howitzers: 141 grand total: 619 In the second attack there were 1 more 10-inch S.B., 2 fewer 9-inch S.B., 2 more 8-inch S.B., 8 more 32-pounders S.B., 8 fewer 100-pounders R., 1 fewer 50-pounder R., 5 more 30-pounders R. 1 fewer 20-pounder R., 4 more 12-pounder howitzers, making 4 more guns and 4 more howitzers grand total 627. Landing Party At Fort Fisher Jan. 15, 1865 Officers, Seamen And Marines: 2,261 total Lieut. Commander K.R. Breese, Fleet Captain, commanding First Division Captain L.L. Dawson, U.S.M.C. Second Division Lieut. Commander C.H. Cushman (w) Third Division Lieut. Commander James Parker Fourth Division Lieut. Commander T.O. Selfridge Pioneers Lieut. S.W. Preston (k) Malvern 60 men Lieut. B.H. Porter (k) Colorado 218 men Lieut. H.B. Robeson Minnesota 241 men Lieut. Commander James Parker Wabash 188 men Lieut. Commander C.H. Cushman (w) Powhatan 100 men Lieut. George M. Bache (w) Susquehanna 75 men Lieut. Commander F.B. Blake Brooklyn 70 men(est.) Acting Ensign D. Cassell Juniata 69 men Acting Master C.H. Hamilton (w) Mohican 52 men Acting Master W. Burdett Shenandoah 71 men Lieut. S.W. Nichols Ticonderoga 60 men Ensign G. W. Coffin (w) Tuscarora 60 men Lieut. Commander W.N. Allen (w) Kansas 20 men Acting Ensign Williams Pequot 44 men Acting Ensign G. Lamb Yantic 45 men Acting Ensign J.C. Lord Chippewa 24 men Acting Ensign G.H.Wood Huron 34 men Lieut. Commander T.O. Selfridge Seneca 29 men Lieut. Commander M. Sicard Iosco 44 men Acting Ensign W. Jameson Mackinaw 45 men Acting Master A.J. Louch (w) Maratanza 51 men Acting Master J.B.Wood(w) Osceola 39 men Acting Ensign J.F. Merry (w) Pawtuxet 40 men (est.) Acting Ensign UJ.A. Slamm Pontoosuc 42 men Acting Ensign L.R. Chester (w) Sassacus 37 men Acting Ensign W.H. Mayer Tacony 32 men Acting Ensign J.B. Taney Fort Jackson 69 men Lieut. S. H. Hunt Monticello 41 men Lieut. W.B. Cushing Nereus 61 men Acting Ensign E.G. Dayton Rhode Island 47 men Lieut. F.R. Smith Santiago de Cuba 53 men Lieut. N.H. Farquhar. Vanderbilt 70 men (est.) Acting V. Lieut. J.D. Danels Gettysburg 71 men Lieut. R.H. Lamson (w) Tristram Shandy 22 men Acting Ensign B. Wood (w) Montgomery 37 men Acting Master W. N. Wells Total: 2,261 men Notes: Parenthetical one (1) denotes a First Division unit temporarily assigned to Second Division. Second Division was also known as Twenty-Fourth Army Corps(colored troops). Third Division was also known as Twenty-Fifth Army Corps(colored troops).

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